we as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the Wrapping machine provide comprehensive solution correlated with the packaging machinery, packaging tools and packaging materials introduce door wrapping machine which is an ideal option for straight and heavy objects such as shafts, doors, pipes, wooden windows, panel, extrusions which are not perfectly wrapped manually due to their heavy weigh and longer length. For such a heavy duty straight objects we have designed door wrapping machine which used to perform sealing and shrinking using PE stretch film for an object. PE offers alluring look and stability and serves the purpose of the preventing object from dust, stain and water.

We offer customization option in the door wrapping machine as well offer automation integration option for the door wrapping machine to accomplish bulky packaging and reducing the labor cost of the packaging. To achieve economical door wrapping, pre stretch unit stretched the LLDPE prior to the application and as the object moves concurrently over the conveyor, we achieve uniformly wrapped stretch film over the surface of the object which secures your object from dust, moisture and stains.

Core Features of Door Wrapping Machine:


  • high speed
  • perfect finishing
  • corrosion resistant
  • Economical

Specification of Door Wrapping Machine:

Wrapping Ring

1400mm I.D

Ring Rpm

5-50 RPM

Working Height

50-250 mm( As per Requirement)

Wrapping Material

LDPE Stretch film (23 to 35 micron)

Wrapping Roll size

25-75mm Core, 100-250 O.D, 125-150 Width

Ring Motor

1 HP Induction Motor 1440 RPM

Conveyor Motor

1/2 HP Induction geared Motor (MGM varvel/Bonfiglioli)

Max Wrapping Product Size           

1250W X 3000L X 250H mm

Outfeed Conveyor

1.5 meter (power roller)

Control with Plc.


Janatics/Spec Make

Switch Gear



Siemens / Schneider


Note: We as a packaging machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India accept specifications from you, if any, and manufacture Door Wrapping Machine with your preferences at the best possible price as well as assist to determine the best machine for your application and budget.