We as a strapping machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introduce you low table strapping machine, is ideal for large and heavy packages such as automobile industries as well as an ideal option for low height conveyors. By considering the application area, our experienced team has delivered a low table trapping machine that operates smoothly for strapping heavy packages.

The hassle free operation of our low table strapping machine is a result of various ascetics testing performed by our quality analyst to ensure the smooth processing of the end product.

Core Features of low table strapping machine:

  • Automatic Power Off option
  • Adjustable strap tension
  • Adjustable Strap length
  • High speed
  • Easy operation

Specification of Low table strapping machine:

Power Supply 100, 110, 220, 230, 240 V., 50 / 60 Hz. 1F.
Power Consumption  
Machine Tension  
Strap Width  
Strapping Speed  
Machine Size  
Min Package Size 0.4 KW
Max Package Size 15 – 50 kgs.
Machine Weight 5 – 15 mm
  2 Sec / Strap
  910mm(L) X 580 mm(W) X 750 mm(H)

 Low table strapping machine

low table strapping machine manufacturer