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We as a strapping machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter introduce the Automatic strapping machine which is the best example of cutting edge technology which is an ideal machine for strapping unevenly shaped objects. To achieve a fully automatic strapping machine and reduce the mankind force, we have equipped roller into the machine. The compact, table top, and easily used with the power conveyor aspects has made it an ideal choice in the packaging industries. Our team of the product engineers constantly focuses on the high tech updates associated with the strapping machine technology to implement it in the production and deliver the cutting edge technology along with the cost effectiveness. For the cost effectiveness, we have employed the energy saving mode system which turns off within 2 min of non use.

Specification of Automatic strapping machine

Arch Size 850 mm(W) X 650 mm(H)– std
Strap Cycle Speed 32 Straps / Sec.
Tension Strength Max. 70 kgs.
Table Height 585 ~ 685 mm
Strap Width 6 ~ 15 mm
Sealing Method Heat Sealing
Power Supply 110 / 220 V., 50/ 60 Hz, 1, 220 / 380 V. , 50 / 60 Hz., 3
Machine Dimension 1410 mm(W) X 640 mm(D) X1810 mm(H)
Machine Weight 287 kg
Packing Size 600 mm(W) X 530 – 630 mm(H)

Core Features of Automatic strapping machine

Note: We as a packaging machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India accept specifications from you, if any, and manufacture Automatic strapping machine with your preferences at the best possible price as well as assist to determine the best machine for your application and budget.