Semi-Automatic Box Strapping Machine

Semi-Automatic Box Strapping Machine, Customized Strapping Machine.

Semi-Automatic Box Strapping Machine

We as a strapping machine manufacturer, supplier, and exporter introduce a semi-automatic box strapping machine, that has a very simple function that is ideal for fast strapping. When you place an item for strapping onto the table, the semi-automatic box strapping machine initiates its operation by feeding the strap around the item and in the strapping head, which hits a trigger, pulls the strap back in the reverse direction, tensions, heat seals and then cuts the strap. Our extensive experience in the same domain enables us to provide the supreme quality and highly efficient semi-automatic box strapping machine to meet the high-speed strapping requirement of the respective industry.

Specification of Semi Automatic box strapping machine

Power Supply 100, 110, 220, 230, 240 V., 50 / 60 Hz. 1F.
Power Consumption 0.4 KW
Machine Tension 15 – 50 kgs.
Strap Width 5 – 15 mm
Strapping Speed 2 Sec / Strap
Machine Size 910mm(L) X 580 mm(W) X 750 mm(H)
Min Package Size 60mm
Max Package Size any size
Machine Weight 100 kgs.

Core Features of Semi Automatic box strapping machine

Note: Based on the application the semi automatic box strapping machine is available in different table height, such as high table, middle table height and low table height.
Note: We as a strapping machine, supplier and exporter from India accept specifications from you, if any, and manufacture Semi Automatic box strapping machine with your preferences at the best possible price as well as assist to determine the best machine for your application and budget.

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